Proserve have over forty years experience with maritime design, construction systems and the development and use of fabric formwork systems. Their use is primarily for underwater construction, where they are filled with micro concrete (sand: cement mix), grout or concrete. The fabrics are purpose woven in high strength synthetic yarn and importantly are porous avoiding the risk of any entrapped water. The systems are light and easy to handle underwater and avoid the potential risk of washout.

Proserve have a wide range of products, services and applications which have been used on both large and small projects around the world:-

Maritime, Structural and Civil Design Construction System Development
Risk Management and Testing Fabric Formwork System Supply
Site Support and Supervision

Proserve ltd-Marine Construction projects around the world

Proserve manufacture and supply from the UK and provide design and installation support world-wide by their Engineers to help ensure successful use of their systems. Systems are supplied under the name Fabriform® for countries between Ireland & Pakistan, and as fabric formwork systems outside this region

The business was formed some 45 years ago by Ernest Cannon who pioneered the development of fabric formwork systems. In 1996 the ownership of the business transferred to its current principal engineer Martin Hawkswood. Proserve promote the use of their technology and systems to the maritime sector through this website, published papers and are happy to provide seminars.