Concrete Mattress
Concrete mattress can be used to protect of varying sizes of water course from drainage ditches, to rivers & streams. Both CT matt and FP matt are widely used for Channel Linings. Matt with 100 mm average thickness is rated as adequate protection for 5 m/s uniform scour flows without significant bends or blocking structures.

Channel linings using concrete mattress / Concrete Mattress Filling

Scour Protection
In tidal reaches or similar conditions, a porous filter point mattress should be used to avoid ground water uplift. A protective filter fabric should be prelaid for lifespans beyond short term.

Canal Linings
canal linings
Constant thickness mattress CT100 is used for Canal Water Containment Linings such as irrigation and water supply canals and channels. Where cast underwater of with suitable curing to avoid drying shrinkage, concrete mattress can provide a reasonable degree of water tightness, particularly with the incorporation of hydrophilic seals to the ball and socket joints. Where a greater degree of water tightness is required, a liner sheeting can be prelaid under the mattress to provide dual system of water retention and the mattress provides a resilient protection to the liner.

The system is suitable for areas with difficult access and can be installed in the wet or the dry,


AfonCleiffiog Bridge, Wales (B77)

Jubilee River (B62)