A two layer mattress form is pre laid and then pump filled with a sand: cement micro concrete. The permeability of the fabric allows excess mixing water to pass out through the shutter resulting in a concrete which has a high strength, density and resistance to abrasion whether constructed above or below the water.

Fabriform® mattress can be fabricated to any shape or size.
There are two main types of mattress Filter Point Mattress and Constant Thickness Mattress

constant thickness mattressConstant Thickness Mattress

Constant Thickness Mattress is formed from having the two layers of fabric woven, with ties of various lengths connecting the layers in order to control the thickness when the mattress is filled.

Panel joints are made by stitching both top and bottom layers of fabric. Mattress joints have a zip connection to the top and bottom layer. When filled, both panel and mattress joints take the form of a ball and socket which allows some articulation of the revetment along the line of the bank.

Constant thickness mattress can be woven from 100—600 mm thickness. Common thicknesses are:-

filter point mattressFilter Point Mattress

The most widely used type of mattress is Filter Point Mattress. The double layer fabric is woven together at regular intervals to join the fabric layers and also form filter points, which act as weep holes when the porous mattress is in service. Mattress is supplied in an olive green colour with mattress panel with typically 3 meters.filter point mattress

Mattress Fabrication and Installation

Proserve Mattress installation - concrete pumpingMattresses are fabricated in our workshops by joining together sufficient panels of woven fabric to form a mattress of a convenient size for handling, commonly 70 m² (50 kg). Each mattress is normally rolled out into position on a prepared stable slope or bed, zipped to its neighbour and anchored as required, often by means of a scaffold tube is inserted into a fabric envelope which is attached to the edge of the mattress during fabrication. (Proper allowance must be made at this stage for the fillingcontraction of filter point mattress which occurs as the mattress is filled.) The mattress is then filled by pumping micro-concrete through the filler sleeves. A job specific Installation Guide is produced for each project. Engineers assistance on site is available.

Matts are normally pumped filled underwater by divers with a fluid 2:1 sand:cement micro
concrete mix of typical strength 30-40 N/mm². See Concretes and Grouts for more information.

Past Projects

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