Grout Bag systems are particularly useful for use between precast elements. They are purpose made from porous yet grout tight fabrics to ensure good quality grout or concrete joint infill. Grout bag systems are often prefixed within protective recesses to precast elements to ensure they cannot be damaged during placement of elements. Prefixed grout bags are usually condensed by a break cover or side break fixings which fail upon grout filling. Alternatively the form system can be lowered and positioned after element placement.
Grout bag systems are filled with grout, micro concrete or concrete as required by pump infill in tremi fashion to form good quality joints.

Seals are commonly used to allow the mass infill of joints with grout or concrete and for short term construction water seals. Long-term water seals often require the application of non shrink concretes/ grouts with suitable hydrophilic seals.

Shear Keys
Grout bag infill of shear recesses allows the transfer of shear loads between elements. Joint proportions can be designed accordingly.

Grout bag shear key infill

Filled Concrete SealBearings
Bearings may be, vertical or horizontal, localised or complete joint infill with the grout bag system suitably designed. Joint sliding can be controlled by shear keys and surface roughness.

Past Projects

Barrage, Cardiff (B72)

Dubai Dry Docks (B17)

Olmsted Dam (B117)

Harbour, Greystones (B85)

Monaco (B50)

San Mateo (B71)

Oresund (B68)

Helvenyn (B59)

Khalifa (B107)