Marine Geotextiles

Geotextiles for underwater use should be negatively buoyant to aid placement and formation of overlap joints. Proserve supply suitable woven and non woven geotextiles in polyester. Roll widths are typically 3.6 m and 5.0 m.

Pump filling marine Geotextiles / Marine Geotextile filling trialsSand Bags and Tubes

These are purpose made for the insitu pump filling with a sand: water solutions. The system requires some skill and experience to obtain reliable applications and usually requires trial pumping and filling with a suitable sand.

Sand is often pumped at a 10—20% solution in water at high flows which keep the sand in suspension.

In the form or bag, the sand settles out with the excess water vented or filtered out. The process is dependant upon the particle size, fabric porosity and other factors. A controlled process often needs to be developed

Past Projects

Marine Geotextile (B54)