Proserve’s Engineers undertake the design of maritime works often in conjunction with the use of one of our construction systems. This allows the direct integration of the permanent works design and the selection and development of a construction system.

Our Engineers specialise in the design of maritime works in concrete for the range of works as generally listed in the navigation bar. Proserve also operates as Consulting Engineers for Maritime, Structural and Civil Engineering works.

Precast foundations For Bridge Structures.Precast
Precast elements can be designed in a variety of shapes to form an array of maritime structures. The design of foundations and joints are a key area in which we can assist using our knowledge and experience particulary at the concept stage onwards.

Berth Scour protection for the worlds ever growing vesselsScour Protection
Revetment protection is designed using the relative permeability of construction materials.

CFD modelling is often used to determine design suction loadings due to accelerated flow due to propellers, jets and bridges or structures.

Marine Pile repairs by concrete encasementGeneral Works and Repairs
Condition surveys of maritime structures are undertaken and the design of appropriate repairs to piles, walls, pipes and underscour infill etc.

Repairs for marine piles are designed to protect, reinstate or improve jetties. Pipe supports are designed to marine pipelines to control developing free spans from bed erosion.

Structural and Civil design services are also available