An improved engineered solution over classic hand placed bagwork or concrete bagwork.

The Mattwork Retaining Wall System is fabricated from constant thickness (220 mm thick) mattress fabric joined to a hessian fabric front. Each layer is pump filled with a highly fluid micro concrete (C28/35), temporarily held in place during filling with cable ties to the netting. The hessian is made from natural fibres that will decay over time to leave a plain concrete finish.

mattwork retaining wall system

Filled in-situ
Pump-filled with using the same fluid concrete as the concrete mattress.

No heavy lifting or plant required
Lightweight fabric formwork, positioned by hand then filled in-situ

Custom length units to suit river bank.
Fewer units, fast to install, multiple layers per day

Natural hessian face
to degrade in marine environment and give a natural finish.

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