ASCE 2016

Slope Protection Under Piled Quays

This paper considers scour protection and construction methods for open piled quays.

The Land Infill construction method for piled wharves will be outlined, which can offer time and cost benefits in comparison to construction methods using marine plant. Design which enables constructability is needed for this method, particularly for dredging and slope protection where access is limited by the piled platform.

Stone protection sizes required for modern vessel actions are becoming increasingly large, costly and often impractical, particularly to piled slopes. Design methods for rock and insitu concrete mattress protection are outlined, with reference to recently updated guidance in PIANC Report 180. This includes the effect of local flow acceleration around piles. The design methods for concrete mattress outlined in PIANC Report 180 will be compared, showing the benefits of reliable joint and edge construction, supported by the use of a marine quality control system.

Insitu concrete mattress protection is often more practical and cost effective than rock to piled slopes, but benefits from the use of perimeter rock falling edge aprons. Case histories are presented showing this beneficial combination to be an effective slope protection to open piled quays.