Marine Construction in Concrete

design and construction systems

Proserve specialise in marine construction systems for precast and insitu concrete projects. Our Engineers design construction systems to overcome marine conditions using a range of underwater construction techniques and also undertake the design of associated maritime works. We manufacture fabric formwork systems for insitu construction using concrete and grouts.

Marine Construction Engineers in Maritime Concrete systemsPrecast Systems
Proserve have pioneered the use of grout bag systems to provide insitu foundations and joints to precast/steel caissons and elements. Condensed grout bag forms are prefixed to these elements and grouted after placement. The system has over 30 years of proven use on major marine projects across the globe.

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Worldwide Concrete construction projects in Ports and Harbours across the globeScour Protection
Scour protection is provided by the Concrete Mattress system, often known as Grout Mattress and Grout bags. Fabric Formwork mattress are prelaid and pump filled with micro concrete to produce insitu concrete scour protection to revetments or scour aprons.

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Proserve Scour Protection using concrete mattressFabric Formwork Systems Fabriform®
For underwater concrete works, fabric formwork, grout bag and pile jacket systems have proven to be effective and versatile. They are formed from porous yet grout-tight woven fabrics which avoid washout and entrapped water voids. They are engineered and tailored for use, minimise diver time, have proven reliability and produce good quality concrete.

proserve mattress, proserve groutbag and proserve seal