Every solution is engineered to meet project specific requirements

Our Approach

With over 50 years of experience developing systems for marine construction, we understand the challenges of working with concrete underwater.

Delivering value to our global client base through collaboration, we develop construction methods and formwork solutions to enable robust and reliable construction.


Fabric shuttering for insitu concrete placement

Fabric Formed Concrete

As with traditional formwork, fabric formwork controls the placement of concrete

Concrete Mattress

Concrete mattress produces slabs of plain concrete up to 1.3m in thickness

Grout bags

Primarily used for foundations and seals to precast elements


Filled insitu with grout, the formwork can be placed by diver, frame or pre-fitted

Our Expertise

On every project we use our experience and expertise to identify the core project requirements and working constraints

This allows us to create solutions that are practical and improve the constructability of the project