Marine Pile Repairs

Pile Corrosion

Steel and reinforced concrete marine piles can deteriorate over time due to the corrosive marine environment eroding the structural strength of the piles, severe cases can occur with total loss of structural capacity compromising the life span of the structures they support.

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Concrete Encasement

Fabric formed concrete can protect, repair or strengthen piles through encasement in high quality concrete. Especially suited to projects where underwater installation is required, the repairs can be designed for medium to long-term protection prolong the lifespan of jetties and marine structures.

The porous formwork causes the sand & cement micro concrete mix to bleed down to a water:cement ratio approaching 0.4. This gives a significant improvement in durability against carbonation and chloride ion penetration. Steel reinforcement can be included for strengthening where required.


The pile is prepared by diver before the placing and zipping of formwork. The bottom of the formwork has a self-sealing turn up and fillers that importantly allow easy pump filling in submerged tremie fashion. Once grouted the formwork provides protection for concrete curing above the water. Upon setting of the concrete, the formwork can be left in place or peeled off depending upon the required aesthetic finish desired.

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Application Process

  • Piles cleaned & repaired
  • Fix spacers & any reinforcement
  • Fix & zip up formwork
  • Fix re-usable Tensar ‘corset’ to control filling diameter
  • Pump fill in Tremie fashion by diver


  • Repairs & strengthens marine piles with durable concrete encasement
  • Ideal for underwater repairs