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Grout Sock Seals

Concrete Seals

The filling or sealing of gaps can be challenging when the gaps are variable with difficult access in air or water. Conventional rigid timber or steel formwork can be time consuming to fit and restrain to withstand fluid concrete pressures even if it is possible to access the area.

Proserve’s Grout Sock Seals provide a simple solution using the highly flexible nature of fabric formwork to form effective seals, vertical bearings or shear keys when accessing from the top only.

The Socks are purpose designed for each project, with a typical gap range from 0mm to 1.2m and lengths of over 15m are available. Vertical filling rates are controlled to ensure that the socks are not over-pressurised while ensuring the fluid concrete contacts all structural elements as intended, spanning gaps and avoiding the risk of concrete leakage into the environment.


The socks are installed via lowering or pushed into position, either by hand or using gravity with a weight.


The socks are then restrained before filling, usually resting on the bottom and hung from the top.


Concrete Pour
Filled Grout Sock Seal
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The socks are tremie filled using an agreed grout mix to fully fill the required void.