Grout Bag Retaining Wall

Bank Scour

To prevent scouring of the banks, a stacked wall of concrete layers can be specified, to act as a retaining wall and front defence to river flow.

Particularly suited to:

  • Rivers banks vulnerable to river flow and scour
  • Increased bank protection next to piers/bridge structures
  • Large, lengthy riverbanks

Protection of the rivers banks often extends 5m+ upstream and downstream outside of the important bridge structure

Traditionally, this is can be with large quantities of individually stacked bags that are labour intensive, heavy to handle and slow to install.

The Solution

The mattwork retaining wall system eliminates the manual handling and allows the river banks to protected in far less work days.

The protection is engineered to suit the specific site requirements:-

  • Required retained height
  • Protection length
  • Shaped for curved banks
  • Front face angle

The hessian front face is made from natural fibres that will decay over time to leave a plain concrete finish.


The units are made from constant thickness (220 mm thick) mattress fabric joined to a hessian fabric front. Each layer is pump filled in situ with a highly fluid micro concrete (C28/35). Multiple layers can be filled each day, allowing for a rapid install.


  • Filled in situ
  • No manual handling or lifting
  • Lightweight fabric formwork, positioned by hand then filled in situ
  • Custom length units to suit river bank
  • Fewer units, fast to install, multiple layers per day

Contact The Expert

Contact The Expert

David Moloney

Design & Project Engineer

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