Cofferdam Seals

Cofferdam Seals

Limited access, varying gaps and surface profiles mean cofferdams can suffer loss of granular fill or water ingress when forming connections to existing walls or sheet piling.

Grouted Seal

Filled with concrete, fabric formwork creates a seal between cofferdams and the connecting surface. Seals can be utilised as temporary works to enable a further mass concrete fill/grouting behind, or as permanent works to retain granular fill. Seals can be engineered to suit cofferdams or structures of any height, size, or shape and to suit pre-cast elements.

These are typically used to seal a sheet pile cofferdam to an existing masonry wall. Filled in situ, the formwork adjusts to the void, capable of providing a seal between uneven surfaces.


  • Lower fabric grout sock into recess/gap
  • Pump-fill in tremie-fashion to provide high quality concrete underwater
  • Concrete sets between 2-12 hours depending upon size
  • Formwork protects the mix from washout in curing period


  • Seal varying gaps between structures, even with undulating surfaces
  • Quick installation, filled from open top
  • Controls grouting in a sensitive marine environment
  • High-strength robust concrete outcome

Contact The Expert

Contact The Expert

Anandpal Randeva

Graduate Engineer