Fender Seals

Fender Sealing

Fender tube frameworks are often fed over smaller diameter jetty piles. To seal and enable concreting between the two elements, it is often challenging to use conventional formwork around the curved shape and the challenges of the marine installation.

Grouted Solution

To give a temporary seal to allow for structural infill with concrete, a fabric ‘skirt’ fender seal can be used to span between the pile and upper element. This enables an initial concrete plug seal to be poured, and then the remaining mass infill above (permanent works).

This process can also be performed underwater, pumping in tremie fashion to give high quality underwater concrete.


  • Strap fender seal fabric formwork to both elements
  • Pump fill with small quantity of concrete to form initial plug
  • Complete full concrete pour above


  • Seal copes with varying gap tolerances
  • Quick installation as filled from top side.
  • Prevents leaking or concrete spills
  • High-strength robust concrete outcome

Contact The Expert

Contact The Expert

Wheatley Orwin

Project Engineer