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Formwork Innovation

Our Expertise

We continually develop and innovate with fabric formwork, applying our expertise to different applications and areas of construction. Our innovation is driven through our understanding of our client’s future needs, and when our clients come to us with an interesting request.

Where a novel, challenging or complex project is being planned or undertaken, we explore for opportunities to innovate to simplify construction and guarantee a successful outcome as demonstrated by our successful record on some of the world’s largest and most demanding marine construction projects.


We frequently develop innovations when our existing solutions are not optimal for the project. We do this through our deep understanding of the 4 key elements below:

  1. The engineering requirements of the concrete to be formed
  2. Constraints of the working conditions
  3. How fabric tensions develop during filling and how they can be restrained, controlled, and manipulated
  4. How to demonstrate reliability of the novel construction method in advance of the works

We carry out concept designs, scale prototypes, detailed construction method and formwork designs, trials, and demonstrations in extreme design situations to prove reliability of all new elements.  These demonstration trials are often used to train the installation team so that construction is carried out right first time even in the most onerous of circumstances.

If you have a problem that you are struggling to solve, please get in contact with us, we would be delighted to develop a new capability with you.

Contact The Expert

Contact The Expert

Martin Hawkswood

Director & Principal Engineer