Harbour Wall Repairs

Face Failure

Harbour and dock stonework walls can suffer from face failure underwater overtime, losing mortar and the integrity of the wall face.


The formwork shuttering once filled enables the formation of a new concrete skin bonded to the existing wall face, typically 100mm thick.


A steel control frame can be designed to carry the fabric formwork face shutter, and this is moved progressively along the wall to perform the repairs.

The frame is temporally supported by driven piles to the bottom and drilled anchor ties to the top. The shutter system is then filled with a sand: cement micro concrete to provide a new front face to the wall.

The bleed combination of the micro concrete mix and fabric face formwork quickly reduces concrete filling pressures and allows a lower weight frame system to be used. Before installation, the existing wall face is to be cleaned to allow good contact with the new concrete.

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The fabric formwork enables a high-quality concrete pour underwater face repair which also infills voided areas.

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Contact The Expert

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