Port Canaveral, Berth Scour Protection

RUSH Marine
Concrete Mattress

The latest expansion phase at Canaveral Port includes construction of a new cruise berth; Cruise Terminal 3 (CT3), to accommodate the new state-of-the-art 180,000-ton LNG powered cruise ships by Carnival Cruise Lines. The powerful modern cruise ship engines, combined with minimal hull clearances mean it is critical to protect the important wall superstructure and seabed from propeller scour.

Land Trial - Filling
Land Trial - Filled
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A range of mattress types and thicknesses (8” to 24”) were specified to different zones by the Designer to overcome the propeller suction forces from the low clearance and the high berthing power of the cruise vessels.

Proserve provided at total protection area of 12,000 m² with installation advice & initial on-site support to RUSH Marine and Viking Diving. The lightweight fabric formwork is unrolled underwater by the divers, zipped to the previous, and pump filled insitu with a highly fluid microconcrete.

The berth is located along the entrance to Port and diver working window is strictly limited to between the morning and evening Cruise ship departures/arrivals.