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Concrete Mattress

Constant Thickness Mattress

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CT Mattress produces slabs of even thickness plain concrete. The formwork is filled in situ and fills to full thickness on slopes and uneven surfaces.

The formwork is woven 5m wide, a top and bottom zip joint is used to create shear joints between panels creating a single slab over large areas.

Constant thickness mattress can be woven from 100—600 mm thickness and primary uses are scour protection to:

  • Quay Walls
  • Pilled Revetments
  • Bridges

Open Hole Mattress

Open hole mattress is a CT Matt with prefabricated holes to provide porosity in wave zones. The hole size and frequency is based upon the locations specific environment, using design references from:

  • Yarde & Alsop – 1996
  • Hawkswood et al – 2013

The increased porosity of the mattress allows for protection against significant wave height of 2-3 m. Water is released by the open holes during wave run down, avoiding uplift pressure.

Open Hole mattress can be woven from 100—600 mm thickness and its primary use is scour protection to revetment slopes.

CT Bulk Mattress

CT Bulk Mattress is a constant thickness matt with large internal ties capable of producing slabs of plain concrete up to 1.3m thick. The Mattress is made from a double layer fabric ensuring robustness and is bespoke manufactured for the required concrete height and volumes. 

The thickness range is 600 to 1200mm and common usages are:

  • Breaking wave protection to caisson breakwaters
  • Protection to wave walls
  • Temporary bed protection for tunnelling

Flex Mattress

Flex mattress is like CT mattress but with a grid pattern of reduced thickness, giving it the ability to flex, coping with soils prone to settlement after mattress installation. The thickness range available is 100mm up to 600mm. The system is useful to slopes or beds of hydraulic fill that are slow to settle and compact.

Jute Open Hole Mattress

Open hole mattress can be made in jute natural fibre for environmental purposes. The jute fibre decays naturally leaving the plain concrete mattress protection. The mattress is tailored from strips of jute material. Maximum average thickness is some 200mm and is suitable for wave heights up to 1-1.5m, dependant upon the slope angle.

The mattress allows a greater degree of habitat for vegetation and small animals.

Filter Point Mattress

The double layer fabric is woven together at regular intervals to join the fabric layers and form filter points, which act as weep holes when the porous mattress is in service. Supplied in panel widths of typically 3 meters.