PIANC 2014

Berth Scour Protection for Modern Vessels

The increase in vessel size and vessel types along with new propulsion systems has created an increase in the scour action to berth beds. Traditionally, rock rip rap or armour has been predominately used for berth protection, but the required rock size now often makes it impractical and other scour protection types with a higher performance are required. To date scour protection design has generally been based upon bed flow velocity, however failure is generally due to the loads or forces acting upon it.

Recent research of the hydrodynamic load distribution upon berth beds will be presented. This provides greater understanding and supports a more appropriate basis of design for relatively impermeable insitu concrete scour protection types which will be presented. The use of a beneficial combination of scour protection types will also be shown in greater detail. The paper will highlight the effect that joints and edge protection have upon performance along with the importance of marine constructability and experienced supervision.

The paper may be of interest to Port Authorities, Design Engineers, Contractors, Operators, Vessel Manufacturers and Research and Guidance Authorities.