Scour Protection

Puerto Quetzal Installation

The piles, beams and platform slab were constructed from land using the ‘land infill’ method in order to save project delivery time. This allowed the

Puerto Quetzal, Berth Scour Protection

A newly constructed piled jetty at Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala requires berth scour protection to combat against vessel scour action to the slope and wave zone

Port au Prince Installation

The piles, vibrocompaction and reinforced concrete beams were constructed from land using the ‘land infill’ method. The strata was sand with some gravels and occasional

Jeddah Port, Concrete Mattress

The newest of three container terminals at Jeddah Port, Saudi Arabia, is undergoing a major expansion project increasing its capacity from 1.8 million TEU to

Port Canaveral, Berth Scour Protection

The latest expansion phase at Canaveral Port includes construction of a new cruise berth; Cruise Terminal 3 (CT3), to accommodate the new state-of-the-art 180,000-ton LNG

Ashdod, Israel, Berth Scour Protection

Pan Mediterranean Engineering Company (PMEC), a unit of China Harbour, is undertaking construction of the new Hadarom Port Project in the Port of Ashdod, Israel.

Port au Prince, Piled Revetment

A new piled jetty for container vessels is being constructed at Port au Prince following the 2010 earthquake, when the old jetty slipped into the